East 40 Gardens & Nature Area

As a program of Northampton Community College, East 40 has always had a focus on both academic coursework and experiential learning.

About Us

A community space for learning, growing and creating

We recognize that we stand on the homeland of the Lenape, and pay respect and honor to the caretakers of this land, from time immemorial until now, and into the future.

Our Story

The dream of the East 40 community – since its inception in September 2010 – is to create and foster a welcoming space for place-based learning.

With the dedication of NCC’s students, faculty and staff, and members of the larger community, East 40 has grown to embrace that dream. With a tranquil setting that includes meadows, gardens, and forest, it not only offers a natural environment but one that offers space to honor hand-crafting and the creative process. Sustainability is a theme that centers all we do, and the study of food plays a vital role in linking together our varied efforts.

The twin concepts of justice and equity provide for a valuable mindset for our participants and partners, and the shared lens by which we process and understand our work.