Susan Smulyan

Faculty Member

Brown Public Humanities

Professor of American Studies, Director of John Nicholas Brown Center


Susan Smulyan is Professor, Department of American Studies, at Brown University and the Director of the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage.  She is the author of Selling Radio: The Commercialization of American Broadcasting and Popular Ideologies: Mass Culture at Mid-Century, and co-editor of Major Problems in American Popular Culture. Professor Smulyan is a cultural historian of the United States in the twentieth century, teaching courses in popular culture, advertising history, radio, digital scholarship, and American Studies and Public Humanities methods, directing nine dissertations, and serving as a reader on twenty five others.  She held a Research Fellowship in the Scholars and Artists in Residence at the Australian National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra; is a member of the board of the Advertising Education Foundation; and served as Principal Investigator – International, Australia Research Council project, “Globalising the Magic System: a History of Advertising Industry Practices in Australia, 1959-1989.”  She is currently interested in the relationship between the public arts and the public humanities.