NEPH Spring symposium 2015

Yale University

April 10, 2015

Check-in to The Study (1157 Chapel Street)

Guided tour of Yale Art Gallery (1111 Chapel Street). Led by Najwa Mayer. Meet in YAG lobby.

Welcome Reception in The Study Hotel Penthouse

Bus leaves from The Study Hotel for Educational Center for the Arts (55 Audubon Street, entrance on Orange Street)

“The Geneva Project“, a dance and media performance by Jennifer Newman inspired by the Photogrammar project. Open to the public. (ECA, 55 Audubon Street)

Bus leaves from Educational Center for the Arts for The Study

Welcome Dinner at The Study Gallery 1

Graduate Student Social co-sponsored by Brown University and Yale University (Gryphon’s Pub at GPSCY, 204 York Street)

April 11, 2015

Presentations at the Robert L. McNeil, Jr. Lecture Hall at the Yale Art Gallery. (Entrance on High Street.)

Boxed lunches distributed at Linsly-Chittendom (LC), 63 High Street

Working groups in LC

Coffee Break in LC

Working groups in LC

Reception at The Study Penthouse, 1157 Chapel Street

Dinner on your own

April 12, 2015

Buffet breakfast in Gallery 1 of The Study

Plans for Northeastern Public Humanities Consortium

Concluding Remarks

Working Groups

Working Groups will be held on Saturday. April 11th in Linsly-Chittendom (LC).  There will be two sessions.

Session 1: 2:30 – 4:00pm
Coffee Break
Session 2: 4:30 – 6:00pm.

Co-Chairs will help guide the conversation during both sessions.  Notes will be posted on the corresponding working groups page.

Public Humanities and Institutional Contexts: Funding, Futures, Jobs

Co-Chairs: Seth Moglen (LeHigh) and Katina Rogers (CUNY)

Participants Session 1: Suzanne Edwards, Mei-Ling Israel, Cheryl Nixon, Mary Rizzo, Robin Schulze, Robert Snyder, Lauren Tilton, Roberta Wollons

Participants Session 2: Peter Bearman, Matt Jacobson, Najwa Mayer, Barbara Lewis, Diane O’Donoghue, Alex Ripp, Karin Roffman, Courtney Sato, Danica Savonick, Amy Starecheski, Lisa Tagliaferri, Kalle Westerling, Krista White

Google Doc Notes

Location: Linsly-Chittendom (LC) 203

Building Bridges: Partnerships on Campus and Off

Co-Chairs: Amy Starecheski (Columbia) and Mark Krasovic (Rutgers)

Participants Session 1: Lucy Caplan, Kim Carrell-Smith, Matt Jacobson, Molly Kerker, Julia Maserjian, Diane O’Donoghue, Joey Plaster, Alex Ripp, Reya Sehgal, Doris Sommer, Krista White

Participants Session 2: No session.

Location: Linsly-Chittendom (LC) 20


Digital Humanities: Defining Cyber Publics and Crafting Web-based Projects

Co-Chairs: Laura Wexler (Yale) and Susan Smulyan (Brown)

Participants Session 1: Richard Espinosa, Charles Gariepy, Barbara Lewis, Michael Linares, Antonio Sanchez, Courtney Sato, Lisa Tagiaferri, Kalle Westerling

Participants Session 2: Lucy Caplan, Kim Carrell-Smith, Mei-Ling Israel, David Jaffee, Monica Martinez, Cheryl Nixon, John Pettegrew, Robin Schulze, Lauren Tilton, Roberta Wollons, Catherine Whalen

Google Doc Session 1

Google Doc Session 2

Location: Linsly-Chittendom (LC) 205


Innovative Teaching: Publics, Humanities, Social Conscience

Co-Chairs: Mary Marshall Clark (Columbia) and Monica Pelayo (UMass Boston)

Participants Session 1: Peter Bearman, David Jaffee, Cyra Levenson, Monica Martinez, Najwa Mayer, John Pettegrew, Karin Roffman, Danica Savonick, Catherine Whalen

Participants Session 2: Ryan Brasseaux, Suzanne Edwards, Richard Espinosa, Molly Kerker, Mark Krasovic, Michael Linares, Julia Maserjian, Joey Plaster, Mary Rizzo, Antonio Sanchez, Reya Sehgal, Robert Snyder, Doris Sommer

Location: Linsly-Chittendom (LC) 206